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Call to Action - SB 517 - DMV Confidentiality
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Call to Action - SB 517, DMV Confidentiality


Esteemed Code Enforcement Professionals and Colleagues:

The 2019 CACEO Legislative and Officer Safety Committees are pursuing the passage of Senate Bill 517 (SB517). The bill was introduced by Senator Bob Archuleta and adds code enforcement officers, parking control officers and non-sworn investigators with the Department of Insurance to those who may request an additional level of confidentiality from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This bill prevents the release of personal information such as home addresses to individuals looking to use the information to harm code enforcement officers and their families, to interfere with the performance of the officer’s duties, or to retaliate against code enforcement officers. CACEO has been unsuccessful in passing similar legislation in the past. However, we feel that we will be successful in our renewed effort due to recent legislative victories and the realization by many lawmakers and community partners that Code Enforcement is a vital tool to maintain quality of life standards and keep neighborhoods safe. To further bolster our chances at success, CACEO is partnering with others who support our cause.

The Code Enforcement profession is complex and often includes the enforcement of various codes, which can put officers in vulnerable situations. Some of the more complex or "higher risk" codes being enforced include, but are not limited to; enforcement of cannabis grows linked to cartels, honey oil labs, methamphetamine labs, human trafficking related to drug houses, gangs and cartels, unpermitted auto dealerships, vehicle abatement, rental inspection and multi-family housing in gang and/or drug-ridden areas and many more. Enforcing such regulations may expose officers to disgruntled property owners, mentally unstable people, or criminal organizations. This exposure may hinder an officer’s ability to perform their duties without the fear of post-action retaliation as well as expose an officer to unsafe conditions during the actual commission of their duties. In recent years CACEO has conducted surveys and tracked incident reports that clearly show a rise in assaults against code enforcement officers and instances of individuals being harassed on social media, via personal telephones, and even in their homes.

So, what does this mean to you?

CACEO is asking that you show your support by signing and submitting a letter in support of this bill to add an extra layer of much-needed protection for all Code Enforcement Officers, You may also make phone calls expressing your support to the appropriate legislative bodies so that “TOGETHER” we can make this bill happen for all code enforcement professionals. CACEO has prepared a sample template for you to use as a guide. Please note that making your voice heard is essential. Together, we can show unified support for this bill as it is paramount for the safety of all code enforcement officers and their families. SB517 is scheduled to be heard within days by the Senate Appropriations Committee. CACEO and your fellow code enforcement professionals need your support to make this happen. Please send all Letters of Support directly to Sacramento, or we can send them for you. Your point of contact is CACEO Board Member Irma Godwin. She can be reached by e-mail at

Thank you for your anticipated support in this effort,

CACEO President Kerry Simpson, CACEO Legislative Committee and CACEO Officer Safety Committee

How to Support

Please complete and send all "Letters of Support" to the bill sponsor (Honorable Bob Archuleta). If you would like, you could send them to our appointed board member Irma Gowin to collect and she will forward them to Senator Archuleta. The fastest way to get the letters to the Senator is to mail them to:

State Capitol, Room 4066 Sacramento, CA 95814 or email John Ackler directly at

We hope the samples below will help you get started or are used as a foundation for your letter of support. We ask that if you send a letter in directly please let Irma Gowin know so, we can track our efforts. Irma can be reached at

Download a sample letter template here.

Download the SB 517 Fact Sheet here.