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Action Needed: Officer Privacy (DMV) Bill

Tuesday, April 14, 2020   (3 Comments)
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Code Enforcement Officers Call to Action 

Now is the time to show your support for the Officer Privacy (DMV) Bill and Show That OUR SAFETY MATTERS!


CACEO Members are being asked to take action and contact their local California State Senators AND Senate Appropriations Committee Members to support Senate Bill 1286. This bill will provide additional layers of protection for Code Enforcement Officers by assuring that the DMV information of all Code Enforcement Officers, including their home addresses, will be confidential and secure.

Code Enforcement is an inherently dangerous profession.  Too often, Code Enforcement Officers encounter individuals who defiantly refuse to comply with local and state codes that impact the quality of life in our communities.  It is not unusual for Code Enforcement Officers to be threatened, harassed or even assaulted.  Tragically, Code Enforcement Officers have even been killed in the line of duty.

California Vehicle Code Section 1808.4 was enacted because of this inherent danger to help protect law enforcement officers and other public enforcement officers and officials.  The code section already protects the home address information of many, but not all, Code Enforcement Officers kept by the DMV.  For example, the section protects officers who are part of their city’s police department, officers who conduct parking enforcement and officers who conduct vehicle abatement duties.

There are many Code Enforcement Officers who do not have the same layer of protection afforded to those covered under CVC 1808.4., For example, many of us who investigate complaints of substandard or “slumlord” housing, public nuisances related to public health and safety or local business regulations, to mention only a few examples,  are not currently protected.  Inclusion of all Code Enforcement Officers under current California Law will help protect us from those with bad motives. There is no rational basis for the exclusion of those of us who face the same risk of retaliation as our brothers and sisters who are currently protected.

Senate Bill 1286 will address this issue by including all Code Enforcement Officers under the protections of California Vehicle Code Section 1808.4.   It is an important, added layer of safety that will help assure that all Code Enforcement Officers will have their DMV information secured. It bears repeating that there is no difference between the dangers facing Code Enforcement Officers who are currently covered under the law and those Code Enforcement Officers who currently are not currently covered.

As Code Enforcement Officers, OUR SAFETY MATTERS!

To locate your local State Senator please visit this site. To contact your local State Senator visit this site. 

To contact the members of the SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEEclick here.  

For sample support verbiage, click here.


We are asking that you message your local State Senator and Senate Appropriations Committee Members immediately.

For any specific questions about this legislation, please don't hesitate to contact CACEO's Legislation Chair Matthew Silver at or President Darrell Revier at


Helen T. Johnson says...
Posted Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Completed and mailed!
Jeff R. Conner says...
Posted Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Please help us stay safe!
Nancy Hamilton says...
Posted Friday, May 1, 2020
None of the people listed represents the area I live in.