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Hosting Courses
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Thank you for your interest. Our one day class protocol is to provide education and training for the members of our association at the most reasonable price possible. As such, we are looking for facilities at no cost; ideally government facilities. CACEO does not cater lunches as it increases the cost of the course and/or places undo costs on to CACEO for those attendees who do not show up.

Our policy is:

A member of any jurisdiction can request that training be held in their area if they have a site available and are willing to provide two members of their department to facilitate the event. The class training is provided to those two members at no cost to the jurisdiction. Please note that the complimentary registrants must be CACEO members. Site requirements are:

  1. A Facility with room for 50-100 attendees.
  2. A classroom seating environment, with tables.
  3. Ability to provide audio/visual equipment
  4. The Facility must have ability to provide plentiful parking at no or low cost to attendees
  5. The Facility should be adjacent to eateries for ease of attendees, at their cost

CACEO will arrange for all printed, handout material to be copied at a local printer, with host jurisdiction responsible for pickup (typically a local Kinko's or other facility).

The responsibility of the host jurisdiction is, again, to provide three employees to facilitate check-in and collection of paperwork or payments; distribution of handouts; provide assistance to instructor (if necessary); ensure that all audio/visual equipment is available and working; provide directions or information to attendees; checkout of attendees and secure facility. One additional request is to provide a continental buffet (coffee, juice, muffins, etc.) at the check-in, as well as plenty of bottled water for attendees. The costs for these items will be reimbursed by CACEO.

If we do not receive enough attendees for an event we will cancel the event, at least one week in advance, and attempt to re-schedule. Please attempt to contact as many local Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors, Industrial Waste Inspectors, or any other public inspection occupation to attend.

We believe that this is a simple and economical process, and has proven to be very successful over the last year. To host a class please contact Education Chair Abraham Duran at (909) 590-5505.