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News & Press: President's Message

Greetings and an unseasonably warm Spring Time to all of you!

Thursday, August 13, 2015  
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Our Executive Board Officers recently attended the Law Enforcement Legislative Day in Sacramento and at the State Capital. Before I give you the recap of our two days, I would like to let you know what bills CACEO is endorsing.

Senate Bill 328 is a bill that would require landlords to notify their tenants of pesticides used to abate pest/insect infestation authored by Senator Hueso.

Senate Bill 655, authored by Senator Mitchell, would mandate including the verbiage, “mold”, as a substandard condition that would be included in the Health & Safety Code.

Continuing similar efforts from last session, newly introduced Senate Bill 372 (Galgiani) would allow Code Enforcement Officers to enroll in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Confidential Records Program (CRP).   As you may remember, I commented on this issue last year only to have our bill (AB 1220) stall in committee and die due to inactivity.  I am confident our new author and legislative team will be successful this session.

Finally, and just as important, Assembly Bill 266, authored by Assemblyman Cooley, is the reformed medical marijuana dispensary (MMD) bill that would have specific language as to who the point would be in doing inspections regarding taking sample contents to verify the product in weight, packaging, etc. in jurisdictions that allow MMDs to operate.

As for the Law Enforcement Legislative Day recap, 1st Vice President Abraham Duran, 2nd Vice President Matt Silver, Secretary/Treasurer Larry Breceda and myself contacted approximately 20 different state assembly offices and encouraged their support of CACEO’s legislation in pursuit of a standards bill. We also met with June Clark, the governor’s right hand who screens all bills in regards to whether they make it to the governor’s desk. Ms. Clark has the pulse of all assemblypersons, senators and most of the leaders of law enforcement organizations and related quasi law enforcement leaders, and seemed receptive to not only our adamant push for DMV confidentiality but to a possible future standards bill for Code Enforcement. We then met with Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair Jimmy Gomez, who was both very complimentary and already informed as to who we are and what we do. Assemblyman Gomez is the only Assembly member ever to request to do ride-alongs in his district to get a better understanding of what we and law enforcement do on a daily basis. A key comment he made, was, “I can see how you wear different hats as I rode along observing the interactions of you and the community.” We then met with Senator Bob Huff, the Senate Republican Leader who is aware of who we are and is supportive of our legislation as well. We closed with Senator Bill Monning, the Senate Majority Leader of the Democratic Leadership who is big on having accurate and current policies and procedures in place in order to keep up with newly passed legislation. Senator Monning is currently requesting all law enforcement agencies develop updated standard policies and procedures for body cameras.

As some of you may know by now, we have launched our new “Mobile Academy” borne out of the ideas and outside-the-box thinking of 1st Vice President Duran and Ed Nichols, a former Board member and long-time Code Enforcement Officer and teacher. So in short, if you have both the interest and venue, we will do everything possible to bring the Academy to your area. It is our goal that someday we can offer several college campuses for officers to attend up and down the state in person, however in the interim, this growing interest in the Mobile Academy is gaining momentum. It won’t be long until we will need more qualified and experienced instructors to continue with these demands.

In closing, I want to remind all of you to keep an eye out for our talented executive staff release of our 2015 Annual Seminar brochure due to come out in May. Save the dates for October 6-9 at the Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim where highly sought-after internationally known speaker Gordon Graham will be our keynote on Wednesday, October 7.

Please, please be safe out there both in the office and especially in the field. I will leave you with this: “The way we say things is much more important than the words we say.”

Your humble servant,

Al Brady

CACEO President