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Apply for the CCEO designation
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Effective for Academy Modules conducted on and after June 1, 2017 and for non-CACEO module certificates submitted on or after June 1, 2017, every applicant successfully completing the required work necessary to become a CCEO must now complete an application and accompanying forms prior to receiving the CCEO designation.To view the administrative regulations, click here. 

What documents must be submitted?

  • Application or Renewal for CCEOs
  • Consent to Disclosure of Background Information
  • CCEO Application Fee

In submitting CCEO application documentation, applicants agree that,

  • The information included on the application form has been entered by the applicant, and is true and correct
  • The applicant has read Section 1029 of the California Government Code
  • The applicant may be disqualified based on the criteria set forth in California Government Code Section 1029 (see the file library found at the bottom of this page)
  • A CCEO certificate (or renewal certificate) will only be issued upon CACEO’s determination of suitability
  • The applicant is and will remain a member in good standing of CACEO as a condition of obtaining and retaining the CCEO designation. 
  • The applicant declares that none of the disqualifying criteria found in Administrative Regulations 3.1.4 is applicable to the applicant.

Incomplete Applications.  Applications found to be incomplete will not be processed and such applicants will be notified of the incomplete status at the contact information on the application.  Applicants that contain false and misleading information on items material in determining the applicant’s qualifications may result in the voiding of the application, the failure to be granted any certification, or the revocation of any license or certificate, or other disciplinary action that may be rationally related to address the infraction.

Completed, submitted applications that are accompanied by a fee will be acted on within 30 days.  There is no ‘bill me’ or ‘invoice option’ for the CCEO application process.

For completed, submitted applications, CACEO will respond with the following information, as applicable:

  1. Notice of CCEO attainment
  2. Notice of deficiency of qualifications
  3. Notice of deficiency of payment
  4. Notice of a problem in the record
  5. Notice that more time is needed to process
  6. Any other notice that CACEO develops to facilitate the process. 

CACEO, in its sole discretion, may investigate any applicant's, registrant's, certificant's or licensee's background for the purpose of determining their suitability for the license, certificate, or qualification sought.

Should a deficiency in the documentation submitted be found, the applicant must cure any deficiencies within the 30-day window or be found unsuitable for CCEO certification. 

For applications found suitable, CACEO will issue a Suitability Determination form within the 30-day period following receipt of the application, unless a Notice that more time is needed to process under Article 3.2 is issued.  This form shall be marked as either “Qualified” or “Unqualified,” based on standards, requirements, prohibitions, and fitness criteria of Sections 3.1.1 through 3.1.4.

All materials submitted to CACEO become the property of CACEO and are not returnable.

Any applicant dissatisfied with the results or notification may exercise his or her right to challenge the action pursuant to Part 6 of the Administrative Regulations.  

Submitting Your Application

CACEO is working to provide upload capabilities for all CCEO application documents.  Until that becomes available, please submit the required documents to  At the same time, you must process payment for your CCEO application fee.  

Certification Forms

Click on a link below to download the form. Completed forms should be sent to

CCEO Application - New or Renewal

Consent to Disclosure of Background Information & Release of Liability

Amnesty Application 



CCEO Certification Forms

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2019-2020 Certification Amnesty Form PDF (123.15 KB) Administration 1/6/2020
Application or Renewal for CCEO Status 2019 PDF (112.53 KB) Administration 1/6/2020
CACEO Administrative Regulations PDF (222.73 KB) Administration 11/19/2017
California Government Code Section 1029 PDF (83.21 KB) Administration 11/19/2017
Consent to Disclosure/Waiver of Liability PDF (74.53 KB) Administration 1/6/2020