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Certification Renewal
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Renewal of your designation as a Certified Code Enforcement Officer is required every three years. Renewal will be issued, good for another three (3) years, upon proof of, at a minimum, forty-eight (48) hours of continuing education taken within the three-year renewal window, along with the renewal fee of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125). All CACEO continuing education courses count toward your required 48 hours; courses outside of CACEO may also be accepted, on a per course basis. See below for details.

Certified CodeEnforcement Officer Renewal Form

Outside Course Credit

CACEO may accept continuing education units from sources other than CACEO provided the member fills out and submits the appropriate CACEO form, which requires a copy of the certificate of attendance along with a description of the class curriculum, name and contact information of the instructor and the location where the instruction was presented. A processing fee of $25 is required for each outside course submitted for credit.

Any class that has been approved by the Education/Certification Committee will receive One (1) CEU for each full hour of instruction received. In no instances shall the outside CEUs exceed half of the required CEUs for renewal; in other words, only 24 hours of CEUs submittal for renewal may come from outside of CACEO. The Education/Certification Committee shall review and approve all requests for outside credit on a case-by-case basis prior to a candidate receiving credit for a course not offered by CACEO. An outside course may be approved for credit if its content is shown to be relevant to the duties of a code enforcement officer.

CEUs will not be given for classes not completed within the members' three-year renewal window.

Request for credit non CACEO

CACEO Certification Amnesty

Temporary 4 year Amnesty Break (desgined for those who have expired in the last 4 years, but have maintained membership, and hours):

  1. The applicant must be a CACEO member in good standing. (Membership has not lapsed during the time frame of their expired certification)
  2. The applicant must have maintained 16 hours per year as part of their certificate maintenance. 
  3. This will be a short term amnesty period of 45 days in which the member must provide proof of their CEU’s,
    continuous membership and the continuation of their ongoing educational requirements. The application time
    period will begin November 1, 2016 and last until the end of the business day December 15, 2016.


Testing Amnesty (designed for those with certifications long past, but open to all on a one-time basis):

  1. The applicant must be a CACEO member. They can renew their membership with their application.
  2. The applicant must have been certified before and must provide proof (e.g., copy of certificate, etc.). CACEO will not take extra steps to help the individual provide this proof. The onus of proving prior certification is on the applicant.
  3. The applicant’s expired certifications can come from the following organizations:
    1. CACEO
    2. CACE
    3. SCACEO
    4. CCEC
  4. The applicant may take the Advanced exam in order to recertify. Amnesty testing will occur alongside regularly scheduled exams. CACEO will not make any special arrangements or incur any additional costs.
  5. The applicant must pay all fees for testing when they registered. No payments or registration will be taken the day of the test and testing will not be allowed if the applicant is not fully paid at the time of the exam.
  6. If the applicant passes the Advanced exam, all existing rules of maintaining certification then apply (i.e., 48 hours of continuing education will be required in the three-year period before the renewal is due).
  7. If the applicant fails the test, s/he will not be allowed to retest. If the test is failed, the applicant must begin the certification process anew, with all three modules, no exceptions will be made.

Extension Amnesty:
(Designed for those with current certifications who will not meet the 48-hour CEU requirement, available on a one-time basis):

Extension Amnesty Form

  1. The applicant must be a CACEO member. They can renew their membership with their application.
  2. The applicant must be currently certified, but in danger of not reaching the requisite 48 hours of continuing education in order to maintain certification.
  3. Prior to the deadline for their certification renewal, the applicant may apply for a one-year extension on their certification termination date by submitting the request and the $50 fee.
  4. If all other criteria are met, a one-year extension will be granted.
  5. If, at the end of that extension, the applicant still does not have the requisite 48 hours of continuing education, their certification will lapse and they will need to start the certification process anew.

It is important to note that these are either/or options. A certified member may either take the Advanced exam or be granted an extension only once. Once a member utilizes one of these options, the other will no longer be available. Additionally, applicants will only be allowed to do this one time. If they fail to maintain certification after they use the Amnesty program, they will be required to begin the certification process from the beginning.