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Message from the President

Greetings and Happy Springtime to all of you!

I want to start with my heartfelt concerns for all of the officers of our state and profession, and most recently in Southern California where yet again an officer was attacked in the field by a violator. Fortunately, this officer was able to go home after being treated for injuries in the hospital. Whether I know you or not, I too feel affected as I’m sure do all of our fellow brethren. I have instructed our First Vice President to add more self-defense courses as soon as possible. I have also requested our staff to have a database to keep track of all incidents reported to us in hopes of accumulating data, as well as I will be attempting to confidentially interview those victims to try to gain a better insight to possible things that may have led up to the incident that may transfer into the classroom setting. I realize this will not prevent future attacks on us, but if it can even help one officer survive, we can take solace in the fact it was the difference between life or death.

Okay, now for some positive news. The Legislative Chair and Co-Chair, Treasurer, our State Lobbyist John Lovell and I were in Sacramento the first week of April for CPOA Law Enforcement Legislative Day advocating for more awareness and officer safety. We hit the ground hard and I could not be more proud of Matt Silver, Kerry Simpson, Larry Breceda and our awesome Lobbyist John Lovell as we met key members of legislative staff, State Assembly persons and several Senators at the Capital. When I first became a board member there were many people in the Capital that did not know who we were. It was both a proud and accomplished sense to know all of the people we met knew who we were and what we do. While we still have a long way to go, we have come even farther!

SB 488 has passed, which is the bill that expands the role of a Code Enforcement Officer in the Health & Safety Code relating to pest infestation and inadequate garbage removal. While this might not sound like an earth shaker in the grand scheme of things, it continues to put us out on the front line of even more identification of showing how many hats we wear in our profession.

SB 767, authored by our supporter Senator Ted Lieu, is making its way through the house and we should know more in late summer. The bill is on DMV confidentiality, memorialized as the “Cynthia Volpe Act”.

Mark your calendars as the Code Enforcement Annual Seminar will soon be here in Monterey/Seaside at the Embassy Suites, October 21-24. The last time we were in Monterey/Seaside, the hotel completely sold out and many surrounding hotels and motels did too, so do not procrastinate as I would hate to see you miss out on another successful Seminar experience. Much like Lake Tahoe, you never know who you may run into…for example, the last time I was there, Ernie Els and his caddie were on the same plane across from me. They couldn’t be nicer!

Our Online Education Program is heading towards completion, as Art Trinidade puts the final touches on the curriculum before beginning the beta testing. Look for this exciting new program to launch later this year!

In closing, I want to reiterate the safety awareness and the pitfalls we all are susceptible to in our daily duties of our profession. As a former martial arts student and deputy sheriff reserve, I was taught that for every one technique you physically learn, you have to envision it in your head hundreds of times at least. This can and should also apply for possible encounters that may come upon us in different what-if scenarios so that it becomes a natural reaction or response. Remember, every dog has his/her day, do not let pride or complacency overcome you. While we strive to respect who we come into contact with, try your best to practice procedures such as exit strategies, keeping your radio on you, key strikes, verbal judo, etc. Always let your gut instincts be your conscience and do not ever compromise your safety and well being.

With all my love, please, please be safe out there!

Your humble servant,

Al Brady

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